Hightown Festival 21st – 22nd April

Hightown Parish Council is hosting the inaugural Hightown Festival over the weekend of 21st- 22nd April.
 The festival is not only aimed at the residents of Hightown, but we also hope to attract residents from many of our neighbouring communities including Thornton, Little Crosby, Ince Blundell, Little Altcar, Crosby, and Formby.
Please see the Facebook pages for further details
There is also a couple of specific ticketed events as part of the festival;
The first is an evening event on Saturday 21st April (7.30 pm start) hosted by the Blundellsands Sailing Club (The Foreshare, Thornbeck Avenue, Hightown), which comprises a hot and cold buffet, live entertainment provided by Richard Holmes who will sing Rat Pack style favourites, and followed by a disco until late. Tickets are £15 /person and include the buffet.
The second event is an afternoon tea dance (2.30 pm start) on Sunday 22nd April which will be hosted (includes instruction on dance steps if required), and includes an afternoon tea. Tickets are priced at £7.50/person and include the afternoon tea.

Latest Information from Merseyside Police

A Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.


Thefts from Motor Vehicles


Between March 17th -28th thefts from motor vehicles have occurred in the following locations:

BOOTLE                Gloucester Road, Hawthorne Road

CROSBY                Cambridge Road (3), Alexandra Road, Warwick Avenue, Dowhills Park, Victoria Road West,

                                Vale Road, Sunnyside Road

SEAFORTH           Pritchard Avenue

WATERLOO         Sandon Street, Sandringham Road, Somerville Grove, Oxford Road


Number of vehicles possibly left insecure 8

Items left in and stolen from vehicles 14

Registration plates removed 1


Crime Prevention Tips to keep your vehicle safe


Park safely in a well-lit location                                                                                  15 seconds

Activate alarm or other security devices                                                                10 seconds

Lock all doors, the boot and close windows                                                          10 seconds

Leave windscreen wipers in the off position to try and avoid vandalism     5 seconds


Less than 1 minute secures your vehicle.

BUT leaving articles and money on view makes your vehicle a potential target.

RESULT this could mean damage to your vehicle and the loss of valuable property, plus an expensive repair bill and a great deal of inconvenience.


Registration plates can be fitted with non- returnable screws to prevent them being stolen.


News from your Community Policing Team. A message from Inspector Ian Jones


It has been a very busy week for our team this week with a wide range of incidents and events. It has been good to see all of the evening fun events in the local park to keep the children entertained over the school holiday period. For this week’s events please look on our Facebook page (Sefton Police) for a daily update.

There have been some good drug seizures in warrants across the South of the Borough which again have been mentioned in our social media updates.

My team managed to arrest one of the main suspects for the theft from motor-vehicles and also breached him on his conditions of his Criminal Behaviour Order. Shane Nixon was put before the court who issued him with a fine and a suspended sentence for the remainder of the order. I am aware Margaret is giving some valuable advice on how to reduce the risk of being the victim of vehicle crime so hopefully we can work together in this area.

Hope you have all had a great Easter and not had too many Easter eggs

Latest Information from Merseyside Police

A Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.

Residential Burglaries

Between the 25th February and the 7th March, burglaries or attempted burglaries have taken in the following locations:

BOOTLE                Captains Lane, Southport Road, Pine Grove

CROSBY                Eshe Road North (garage), Endbutt Lane

LITHERLAND       Spooner Avenue, Palmerston Drive, Arnside, Kirkstone Road

SEAFORTH           Cecil Road

Attempted  burglaries 2

Tool taken from shed and used to gain entry to house 2

Insecure 1

A Message from Superintendent Matt Boyle

A major operation aimed at tackling the issue of burglaries on Merseyside is underway from Monday, 5 March 2018, for two weeks, to reinforce burglary as a main priority for Merseyside Police. Operation Castle will intensify the force’s focus on burglary in an attempt to reduce the number of offences, raise community confidence, reassure residents, and reduce the number of outstanding named suspects for burglary. Multimedia will also be circulated via our social media sites using the hashtags #OpCastle and #BeatTheBurglar and further information and advice will be put out using hashtags for all local areas. Residents are advised to look at our social media sites and their own local policing websites where they will find a host of information on burglary hotspots, extra patrols, and advice on security. Superintendent Matt Boyle said: “We have listened to the concerns of the local community and want to reassure them that Operation Castle is a big push on tackling burglary and bringing offenders to justice. We are putting more patrols out, asking people to report anything suspicious, identifying repeat victims and safeguarding them. Operation Castle will identify the highest burglary threats at the moment and will be taking action to execute warrants, focus on outstanding named offenders and also deter any possible would-be offenders. Police Officers will also visit all residents within 24 hours of a burglary to help and reassure them. Superintendent Matt Boyle said: “We are asking the public to be vigilant as we know the vast majority of burglaries are preventable as they are often opportunistic. Lock your front and back door even when you are in, set your burglar alarm when you go out or go to be and consider getting CCTV. “It’s also a good idea to use light timers when you go out at night or away on holiday, keep valuables out of sight, and secure your shed and garage too. “Look out for your neighbours, especially the elderly and report anything suspicious to us. “Your home is your castle, hence the name of the operation, and we want the community to feel safe in their own homes. We will be working with Neighborhood Watch schemes so get involved in your local area and help to make a difference down your street.” Further information on policing in your area can be found at https://www.merseyside.police.uk/local-policing/ or on our local policing Twitter and Facebook pages. Anyone with information regarding burglaries is asked to contact Merseyside Police social media desk via twitter @MerPolCC or Facebook Merseyside Police CC. You can also call 101 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or via their online form at: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/give-information/give-information.

Latest information from Merseyside Police

A Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.


Since the 25th January burglaries have taken place in the following locations;

BOOTLE                Smollett Street, Catherines Road, Gray Street, Hertford Road (2sheds)

CROSBY                Brownmoor Lane, Lancaster Avenue, Caithness Drive, St Michaels Road

LITHERLAND       Hinton Street, Silverdale Drive

THORNTON        Hartdale Road

WATERLOO         Bath Street, Worcester Avenue

Car keys and vehicles stolen 4

Garden tools used to gain entry 2

Insecure 3


Computer Scams

Two Sefton residents had problems with their computers and contacted their respective Servers. Both were given help to correct the faults they were experiencing. The following day they both received a phone call supposedly from their individual Servers. The callers stated they knew the residents had experienced problems and they were told the fault was with their computers not with the Server, both were asked to turn on their computers so the problem could be rectified.

The first resident reported that they took over her computer and after various charts appeared on the screen, she was told her that the problem was solved and there would be a charge and asked her to pay on line .She told them she did not have an account on line. The caller replied that as she paid the Server by direct debit he would set up a Pay Pall account for her which he did. She lost £1,800.

The second resident after following the caller’s instructions, saw his screen go black and a message appeared saying that he would receive £200 compensation and they were arranging for an engineer to visit him to change his Tivo box which they said was faulty. As he had no on line account they asked for details of his address so the money could be sent, but they couldn’t pay him by cheque.  The recipient of the call became suspicious and after a call that lasted nearly 1 hour he ended the call.

Both residents contacted their respective Servers and were told they had received scam calls. Please be warned if you call your Server with a problem, be on the alert if in the following days you receive phone calls supposedly from your Server.

News from your Local Community Policing Team

Bogus workmen are targeting elderly and vulnerable persons in the Crosby area. They are stating that work needs doing especially in the roof and chimney areas of the property. They are taking the cash from the residents but not completing any work. There have been 3 reports in the last week.

Latest from Merseyside Police

A Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.

Residential Burglaries

Since the 15th January burglaries or attempted burglaries have taken place in the following locations:

BOOTLE                Norman Road, Ainsdale Road, Bianca Street, Beatrice Street, Park Street

CROSBY                Cambridge Road, Villiers Avenue, Dowhills Road

LITHERLAND       Chelsea Road (shed), Ecclesall Avenue, Beechwood Road

SEAFORTH           Claremont Road, Green Lane

Cycle stolen 1

Car keys and vehicle stolen 1

Insecure 1


Mersey Yellow Pages Directories            

From 21st February 2018 and during the following 2 to 3 weeks directories will be delivered to Post Code areas in South and East Sefton. If you are planning to be away during the delivery period, it may be advisable to ask a neighbour to collect the directory from your property for safe keeping until you return. This will avoid giving an indication that the house is unoccupied.

News from your Community Policing Team. A message from Inspector Ian Jones


This week’s good work has unfortunately been overshadowed by 2 Firearms discharges which resulted in injury. One in Akenside area and the other on the Pendle Estate. My team are doing their utmost to re-assure the public in the communities whilst our investigation team are leaving no stone unturned to find those responsible. I ask that if anyone has ANY information about these incidents and/or any other crime then please let us know. We need you to ‘help us to help you’!

Some brilliant work this week has included 3 males being arrested after breaking into a house targeting a cannabis farm in Bootle. All 3 were arrested and the cannabis recovered. A large cannabis farm recovered in ‘The Serpentine’, a number of weapons recovered from a park in Bootle and most pleasingly our burglaries have dramatically reduced. I believe this is down to the hard work of my team aided by the assistance by our communities.

Please keep up the great work and hopefully we can have more good news next week.’

Latest Information from Merseyside Police

Please see below for the latest information from Merseyside Police.

  • TA Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.


     Recently burglaries or attempted burglaries have occurred in the following locations:

    BOOTLE                              Walker Drive, Monfa Road, Harris Drive, Peel Road, Lincoln Crescent

    BRIGHTON LE SANDS        Pinehurst Avenue (garage), Holden Road

    CROSBY                               Runnels Lane, Kingswood Drive, Tudor Road, Edgemoor Drive (2)

    Kimberley Drive (Shed)

    LITHERLAND                       Church Road, Cobbs Avenue

    SEAFORTH                          Gladstone Road, Cookson Road, Ash Grove

    THORNTON                          Moorlands Road

    WATERLOO                         St Johns Road (shed), Canterbury Avenue

    Attempted burglaries 2

    Car keys and vehicles stolen 7

     A Warning Message

    Intelligence suggests that the occupants of a red Vauxhall Mokka vehicle are offering to carry out work on the homes of elderly residents. The work is carried out but at vastly inflated prices. The occupants are possibly carrying out this practice across the North West.

    News from your Community Policing Team. A message from Inspector Ian Jones

    ‘Some good news this week is that Ethan Taylor received a 4-year prison sentence for a robbery in Hapsford Park which was one of several similar incidents. Good communication from the community assisted in securing the sentence. Shane Nixon has again been arrested for theft from motor vehicles in the Crosby and Maghull areas. He was found guilty and sent back to prison for a month. We have recovered two large cannabis farms in Netherton and Bootle and continue to urge the public to report any suspicious signs of cannabis farms in your area. We also conducted a search warrant in the Kirkstone Road North area with a large amount of Class ‘A’ drugs recovered.

    As can be seen, last week was a very busy week with some great results. We couldn’t do this without the public’s help so please keep contacting us with information.’

    Contact numbers Local Community Policing Teams TELEPHONE 101