Incidents in Local Area

On 08.04.2017, three masked youths were disturbed trying to break into a house on Green Lane. They were disturbed by a neighbour and they made off in the direction of Hartdale Road where they had a stolen vehicle parked in order to make their escape.

The neighbour confronted the youths and was assaulted by two of them using a piece of wood and a concrete block and things could have been worse only for the intervention of another neighbour.

All three made good their escape in the vehicle.


During the afternoon of 14.04.2017, there was a road accident in Thornfield Road when a speeding vehicle using Thornfield as a ‘rat run’ struck a vehicle that was emerging from a resident’s drive causing substantial damage.

Police, ambulance and fire service were in attendance, luckily there were no major injuries.


Sometime over the Easter weekend, a house was burgled in Water Street and two vehicles stolen. These were subsequently used in crime and later found burnt out.


Over the past few weeks there have been several incidents of cars being ‘keyed’ across the Parish.

Although nobody has been identified as the culprits, one time slot can be identified as between 05.15 and 08.00 Sunday morning.

Scrambler bikes are continuing to be a nuisance in the are – please report any incidents  to Merseyside Police

Please be vigilant.

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