A vacancy now exists on the Thornton Parish Council and is open to any resident to apply, 8 October 2019.

Have you ever fancied being on the Thornton Parish Council?  Well now you have an opportunity to be.

Thornton Parish Council has declared that a vacancy exists on the Parish Council due to the non declaration of acceptance of office of Councillor Janice Blanchard.  Residents, if they so wish, can express an interest in becoming a member of the Council.

If you are interested in applying, be quick, you only have 14 working days from the 8th October to respond, which would give the 25th October as the deadline.  You will need to get ten local people to sign a petition for you by the deadline and send it in to the address in the letter below.

An election will only become necessary if enough voters ask for one, otherwise, the vacancy can be filled by co-option.

Dated:  8th October 2019

Click the link Notice of Casual Vacancy