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A Crime Alert for the residents of South Sefton from Merseyside Police.


Thefts from Motor Vehicles


Between March 17th -28th thefts from motor vehicles have occurred in the following locations:

BOOTLE                Gloucester Road, Hawthorne Road

CROSBY                Cambridge Road (3), Alexandra Road, Warwick Avenue, Dowhills Park, Victoria Road West,

                                Vale Road, Sunnyside Road

SEAFORTH           Pritchard Avenue

WATERLOO         Sandon Street, Sandringham Road, Somerville Grove, Oxford Road


Number of vehicles possibly left insecure 8

Items left in and stolen from vehicles 14

Registration plates removed 1


Crime Prevention Tips to keep your vehicle safe


Park safely in a well-lit location                                                                                  15 seconds

Activate alarm or other security devices                                                                10 seconds

Lock all doors, the boot and close windows                                                          10 seconds

Leave windscreen wipers in the off position to try and avoid vandalism     5 seconds


Less than 1 minute secures your vehicle.

BUT leaving articles and money on view makes your vehicle a potential target.

RESULT this could mean damage to your vehicle and the loss of valuable property, plus an expensive repair bill and a great deal of inconvenience.


Registration plates can be fitted with non- returnable screws to prevent them being stolen.


News from your Community Policing Team. A message from Inspector Ian Jones


It has been a very busy week for our team this week with a wide range of incidents and events. It has been good to see all of the evening fun events in the local park to keep the children entertained over the school holiday period. For this week’s events please look on our Facebook page (Sefton Police) for a daily update.

There have been some good drug seizures in warrants across the South of the Borough which again have been mentioned in our social media updates.

My team managed to arrest one of the main suspects for the theft from motor-vehicles and also breached him on his conditions of his Criminal Behaviour Order. Shane Nixon was put before the court who issued him with a fine and a suspended sentence for the remainder of the order. I am aware Margaret is giving some valuable advice on how to reduce the risk of being the victim of vehicle crime so hopefully we can work together in this area.

Hope you have all had a great Easter and not had too many Easter eggs

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